Smithysoft corporation is an outsourcing company with a full cycle of software development in the areas of telecommunication, hotel and construction business, advertisement and entertainment industries and much more.

We are the team of highly motivated skilled professionals. Owing to the introduction of innovative solutions into the process of software development, our company has proven to be a serious competitor in the IT market. The staff of Smithysoft corporation possesses the knowledge of subject areas, as well as the expertise in the information technology industry.

The corporation provides a wide range of services in the spheres of IT-consulting and outsourcing: support, promotion and optimization of web sites; implementation of all types of graphic and web design; game and application development primarily for Android and PC.

Our Unity developers have wide experience in creating 2D, 3D games and applications, as well as projects with the use of virtual and augmented reality in Vuforia. PHP developers in Smithysoft corp. use such technologies as Symfony2, WordPress, OpenCart, Magento.

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Бизнес Коучинг

Несколько раз посещал тренинги Владимира, остались исключительно положительные эмоции. Он очень доступно рассказывает о своем, достаточно богатом опыте решения различных сложных ситуаций и ведения бизнеса, именно не из книжек, а основываясь на личном опыт...

Website programming and web services

I am from Kiev. I came in Kharkov specially finish the courses from Smithysoft, because friends advised. Courses liked the price and the quality is absolutely justified and adequate. I would especially like to note the teaching - is available to explain a...

Programming websites and web services

Courses are very interesting, the material is very well systematized, in the ratio of price and quality is better than you can imagine. There is a real opportunity to express themselves in the classroom and fill up a team of young professionals.

Website programming and web services

It was my first course. The courses we studied PHP, MySql, Symfony 2. It is not easy to immediately engage themselves in a different sphere, but with the help of tutors it was not dolgo.Sami courses are very interestno and when there is any unclear point ...

Unity3D and C# Programming

Lecturers on the course paid attention to students. This company is pleased with the organization of the educational process and training provided for the necessary programs and materials. Throughout the course it was still accessible and understandable. ...

Website programming and web services

The course is like. Teacher professional in the business. The training program justify all expectations. In general I am satisfied with the learning process and the knowledge acquired. According to 10-point scale would put 9 out of 10. I recommend to anyo...

Programming websites and web services

Good day, I want to recommend a course, I myself graduated from the course here php and got a lot of new knowledge, which is later used effectively. Who is interested in, and the more doubts - and whether or not to go? - I can say, yes, it is worth, you w...

Unity3D and C# Programming

Just recently we finished the course, and the excitement of such an array of accumulated knowledge does not go so far. You can even spend a whole day in Yunkov and miss. Of course in order to more fully capture all the subtleties of this time no one will...

Website programming and web services

Courses liked. I got a lot of useful information, and most importantly - all the knowledge managed to organize and then successfully applied in practice. Organization of work at height - group is not large, teachers are responsible for all questions so th...

Unity3D and C# Programming

I graduated from the Unity 3D courses Smithysoft, what madly glad, because these courses have given me more than 4 years of university! Teacher tells accessible and understandable, and helps in any free minute, which can not but rejoice! Thanks to these c...

Unity3D and C# Programming

I finished the course on Smithysoft programming. Excellent courses. I graduated unity 3D. Dali good push for the device in the foreign company, where I've been wanting.

Website programming and web services

Graduated course, a lot of positive experiences and perspectives, the most important thing - the giving of information, it is very accessible, understandable, and most importantly, that from scratch. In any unclear situation was explained several times, a...

Website programming and web services

Good day! Tell her story, I came with the aim to learn html, did not know nothing about html or about php, wanted to start with a simple to learn to start html, after talks with the director of the company, he sent us on php, and I have not a drop has not...

Website programming and web services

Good afternoon! completed courses php, very much at the top of the course was not clear, but the picture became clearer with time. Before courses about php, I do not know anything, now I can build a website from scratch, teaching good practice was on each...

Website programming and web services

She graduated from the PHP course in Smithysoft and admit was very pleased. The teacher handed the information very accessible and in a simple manner. For me, the man is absolutely not familiar with programming, it was easy to master the material. But muc...

Game Development

Exceptional quality and team. Professional communication and agile in their work. Top class and highly recommended. Incredibly skilful game developers and all-round support team. Highly professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. Fast, friendly ...

Разработка Игры

Founder, Chief Game Designer at Telesto Studios The project, which included a very impressive AI component, was successfully completed on schedule according to a very ambitious timeline.

Programming web sites and applications

A year ago, I am finishing PHP courses, very satisfied, I had excellent teachers and a good group, during training a lot of useful material has been learned!

Graphic web design

Hello. I graduated from WEB-Design Course. Like the teacher and the course in general. A lot of useful information and practices sooo much =). Good luck and prosperity for the entire company! It was interesting to learn from you.

Разработка корпоративного веб сайта для дизайн-студии АМП

За время сотрудничества с компанией Smithysoft, команда разработчиков показала свою способность с полной ответственностью подходить к поставленным задачам, выполнив задачи в срок. Отмечу высокую коммуникабельность и заинтересованность в выполняемом проект...


I'll finish the course layout. The approach to learning like - that just need to get started ... without the excess water, and examples of actual orders.


I complete the course by imposition. Came with a little knowledge: read the theory, looked some video tutorials. But this knowledge is applied in practice to the actual layout, it was not clear. When in one of the interviews were asked to mark up a simple...

Website programming and web services

Php I finish the course. In a nutshell, do not tell. But if briefly, everything's cool. Many practices and explains everything available. Learn more destinations to study at home, that is, read out the material, give the DMZ and forward, if something is n...

Corporate web-site for Event agency O`La-La

Руководство Event agency O`La-La выражает свою признательность и благодарность за высокий уровень профессионализма сотрудников компании Smithysoft, а так же за внимание и профессиональную помощь в создании сайта и решении вопросов по его продвижению. Буде...


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