Landing pages

A landing page is any web page that a user can visit by clicking on an online advertisement, a link on a search engine results page, or by following external links. Usually it contains information on goods and services of any individual or legal entity. Landing pages aren’t overloaded with data and include only a limited amount of significant info, provided in a convenient way for reading and understanding. They can also be distinguished by a unique and user-friendly format.

Usually a single landing page is designed to present only one service or one category of goods, in particular cases, one product (for example, a certain brand of car).

Landing pages are created to convert users into customers. A successful result of implementing this goal is called ‘conversion’ and is generally specified as a percentage. A conversion is a term to define a common performance indicator of a landing page. As a matter of fact, a conversion takes place when a person visits your site and fulfils a desired objective or takes a specific action (for instance, one accomplishes a purchase).

There are four main types of landing pages, among them are:

Click-Through Landing Pages are most popular landing pages representing deployed advertisements. The main goal is to encourage a user to take an action right away (a purchase, signing up for services, company’s news or downloading a software trial version. In order to maximise the effect there are also powerful and motivational catchphrases, bright buttons, countdown timer, minimalistic design used. Additionally, in the process of creating a successful landing page a special strong emphasis should be placed on the main advantages of a proposal.

Microsite is a separate web site with information about a service or product advertised, it consists of several pages (5, as usual). Generally, microsites contain the minimum text information, a large number of attractive pictures of a product or service, videos. This kind of a landing page is often used by huge companies for their special projects.


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