Product support

Product support - is a concept that compiles and covers a variety of services through which companies and organizations provide assistance to users of technological products and services, such as mobile and landline phones, televisions, computers, software, and other electronic and mechanical goods and services. In general, product support is an attempt to help users solve specific problems arising from the use of a product.

Most companies offer technical support to the products that they offer and sell, free of charge or for an additional fee. Product support is provided, as a rule, by phone, e-mail, via the Internet, or through online services of support on the website or through the tools, with help of which users can register a request, or create an incident, and then follow their destiny - the current status.

Large organizations often have their own, internal technical support service that assists the staff to solve problems which are of a technical nature. The Internet is also a good source of free technical support, where experienced users can provide some piece of advice and assistance in solving problems, or share their experience in dealing with the same or similar problems. In addition, some companies provide premium technical support for an additional fee.

Managed Services

The concept of "managed services" implies that the company will be given a pre-defined list of services on a permanent basis for a certain price in advance. In the list of such services may be included:

Product support can be provided in various ways. There are several support models, for example: central, local, virtual - with a single call center, etc. Technical Support can be organized in order to serve the external customers (computer maintenance outsourcing, etc.) and internal (a division of the IT department in large enterprises).


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